Man uses aassistive technology to complete his work tasks.

Employment Services through Vocational Rehabilitation

Man uses aassistive technology to complete his work tasks.

The Arc Big Bend is proud to be a qualified direct service provider with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) under the Department of Education for Employment Services. This allows us to accept referrals from VR to assist individuals with disabilities in finding and maintaining employment. We service Florida’s Big Bend region, which covers multiple counties. When adults with disabilities are accepted by Vocational Rehabilitation, they may be referred to us. From there, one of our highly skilled Employment Specialists works closely with the referred adult to determine the type of job they would like to seek, consistent with their interests, and assists them in the process. The Employment Specialist may provide job development, job placement, job coaching, supported employment, and/or job stabilization to help the client find and keep meaningful employment opportunities.

Image of a young african american woman in her work uniform.Arc Big Bend is equipped to provide the following services to the individuals residing within the communities we serve:

  • Employment Services
     The Employment Specialist provides individuals receiving this service with 1:1 assistance in developing skills, searching for, interviewing, and obtaining a meaningful job opportunity.
  • Supported Employment
    The Employment Specialist provides Employment Services, but also provides the individual with on-going on-the-job support to help them maintain job stabilization throughout their employment.
  • Discovery
    The discovery process allows an Employment Specialist and a VR referred individual to take the time to really understand the individuals interests, skill sets, and natural supports so that they can “discover” a career path that will not only meet their needs, but also that the individual will enjoy.
  • Volunteer Opportunities
    Arc Big Bend can assist the individual with finding unpaid volunteer and shadowing opportunities that will help them determine if a career path is right for them, provide them with hands-on training, and expose them to a work environment. Additionally, the opportunity can allow the individual to gain some proven work experience to add to their resume.

How to Receive Employment ServicesEmployee acts as a natural support for a fellow employee while training her on the job tasks.

Employment Services is a service provided by Vocational Rehabilitation. The Arc Big Bend is a qualified service provider with VR to provide this service directly to adults with disabilities who have been referred to us from VR. If an adult/family is interested in receiving employment services, they need to contact their local VR office for further assistance.


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