The Camp Achieve logo sits at the top on a yellow background. Below is an image of group of friends laughing. Under this are the words "this summer makes plans to achieve."An image of a young woman learning gardening skills through potting plants. The background shows a wall of plastic plant pots.Man teaches students about employability skills.Man uses aassistive technology to complete his work tasks.
The Arc Big Bend is a community based nonprofit 501©3 organization primarily serving persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We are a disability neutral organization in that we will serve persons with any disability that are referred to our organization. We provide an array of services to the communities we serve and are always looking for additional programs we can provide that will add significant benefits.


Explore the many programs and services we offer and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further information. Learn the many ways you can donate to the Arc Big Bend to help us change the lives of individuals with disabilities in our community.
An image of people enjoying meaningful activities at our Life Skills Development Center.


Offering education, social interaction, and vocational training


Help students prepare and plan for employment.


Supported employment and placement through Vocational Rehabilitation

Job-a-Palooza: Discover Your Poss-abilities

JOB-a-PALOOZA is a fun-filled event where local area businesses, students with disabilities, and peer mentors can come together to learn and grow from each other. Students with disabilities learn 5 job skills from 5 different area businesses and compete against other students to perform that task the best (either by quality or time).

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