Show us your skills, competitors.

Show us your skills! …Gain Bragging Rights & Earn $100!

Show us your skills, competitors.

What Does Participation Look Like?

Participating in this event looks like… FUN!

There are a few steps to the end goal… COMPETING AND DOING YOUR BEST!

First, sign up!

Your school will provide you with the required paperwork we need for you to officially sign up for this event. Make sure you complete all of the paperwork and get it turned in to your school/teachers no later than August 27th.

Second, meet your Peer Mentor!

The first step in training for this event is meeting your peer mentor. We will be holding a meeting for you and your peer mentor to get to know one another. During this meeting, you will be doing a fun activity to get to know your peer mentor. Then, you will choose your tasks. We will randomly assign 3 tasks for you to learn and you get to choose 2 more.  These are the tasks the different businesses want you to learn and then compete in on during the competition. It is important that you choose the last two tasks with your peer mentor. You two are a team, but the final decision is ultimately yours.

Third, train with your Peer Mentor!

You will have the opportunity after the meeting with your peer mentor to start training on tasks. We will tell you whether your selected tasks will be judged on speed, accuracy/quality, or both. This will help you know how to train the best. Your peer mentor will have a breakdown of each task to help you learn it step-by-step. We call this break down “task analysis.” Representatives from each business will also be able to help guide you at their workstations. During this time, your peer mentor can assist you, guide you, and help you in anyway they seem necessary to help you learn and master the task.

Fourth, compete!

First, everyone will be greeted with a welcome speech. This speech should get you pumped up to win! But, it will also tell you rules, your responsibilities, etc. After this, the competition begins!!!

This is where you and your peer mentor will follow your workstation schedule, in order, to make sure you compete in all 5 of your tasks. Your peer mentor can cheer for you and coach you through difficult parts from the side, but they cannot help you in any other way. Do your best… top winners of the day will get prizes!

After you get through all of your tasks, turn in your workstation schedule back at the same table you checked in. You and your peer mentor will be given a post-event questionnaire to fill out. It will be similar to the pre-event questionnaire you completed at the meeting. Answer it honestly and to the best of your ability. Afterward, you are welcomed to explore the different business tables and meet other teams. When everyone has finished competing, we will enjoy lunch and an award ceremony.

What sort of tasks could businesses ask you to learn and showcase?

Mechanic Shop: Change a tire, Check a tire for holes, Patch a tire, Take apart and put back together a simple part.
Grocery Store: Stock shelves, Bag groceries, Scan items, Accepting cash and making change
Office: Alphabetize paperwork, File 10 items, Sort uncollated copies, Prepare packets
Restaurant: Roll silverware, Bus and clean tables, Take a food order, Serve food, Clean menus.
Farm: Move/stack small square hay bales, Repair fence, Paint barn wood,

Why Should You Participate?

  • Get $100 Stipend just for participating (think of it as getting paid to learn and train on your 5 new skills)
  • Make new friends/connections with your peer mentor and other competitors
  • Learn new job skills and show businesses that you are a potential job candidate
  • Win prizes when you compete against others to showcase your awesome new skills!
  • Earn bragging rights when you take home a prize (because we know you will bring it!)!



The Schedule

9:30am – 10:30am: Meet Mentor
10:30am – 11:30am: Training
11:30am – 1pm: Competition
1pm – 2pm: Lunch & Awards

What is Provided

T-shirts/Team Number
Peer Mentor & Training
Prizes & $100 Stipend

You Should Bring

Your Skills
Your Enthusiasm
Friends/Family (optional)

More Info

(850) 973-4614

Download a Registration Form


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