Check out our skills, Businesses.

Be a Part of Something Big… Come Check Out Our Skills!

Check out our skills, Businesses.

How Can You Help?

Get involved! Show the local area youth and young adults with disabilities, those that love and support them, their peer mentors, and the local community that you are supportive and a forward thinking company that embraces differences. Your participation provides opportunities for youth and young adults to learn new job skills and then showcase their mastery of these skills to themselves, you, their peer mentors, teachers, parents, and spectators. It is an opportunity for them and those watching to realize that while they may have differences, they are able!

What Does Participation Look Like?

Participating in this event looks like… FUN!

Each business that participates will set up their own workstation. This workstation will focus on a specific task that an employee at that business may do on a daily basis. The Arc Big Bend will break this task down into actionable steps (we call this task analysis). Competitors (aged 14-21) will choose 5 different tasks to learn, train, and compete on. Each competitor is assigned a peer mentor who will train them on these tasks using the provided task analysis and then coach them through their tasks on competition day. On competition day, the competitors and their mentors will be given a task competition schedule that will help them rotate through their chosen workstations in a specific order.

Your responsibility as a participating business is to:

  • Provide a specific task for your workstation.
  • Provide at least 2 volunteers to run your workstation.
  • Setup your workstation on Competition Day (September 14th).
  • Bring all materials that will be needed for each participant to compete at your station.
  • Judge competitors based on speed and/or quality.

What sort of tasks could businesses use?

Mechanic Shop: Change a tire, Check a tire for holes, Patch a tire, Take apart and put back together a simple part.
Grocery Store: Stock shelves, Bag groceries, Scan items, Accepting cash and making change
Office: Alphabetize paperwork, File 10 items, Sort uncollated copies, Prepare packets
Restaurant: Roll silverware, bus and clean tables, take a food order, serve food, clean menus.

Why Should You Participate?

  • This is a fun multi-community event that will give you exposure.
  • You will be included in all media and press releases related to this event.
  • The event aligns with corporate social responsibility goals.
  • You will show the community that you are leading the way for forward thinking and that your company embraces differences in customers and employees, alike.



The Schedule

8am – 10am: Check in/Set up
9:30am – 10am: Welcome
10am – 12pm: Competition
12pm – 1:30pm: Lunch & Awards

What is Provided

Indoor & Outdoor Space

You Should Bring

Materials/Equipment for task
Promotional Items/Flyers (optional)

More Info

(850) 973-4614

Download a Registration Form


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